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Thanks for visiting! I love to write middle grade fiction with an emphasis on the natural world and discovering the past. My books weave fictional stories together with the use of real scientific methods. I’m currently working on the Ryan Hutton series, where a group of middle schoolers venture out to find things left behind thousands (and even millions) of years ago.

Book 1: A Day in the Park

The book features three 7th-grade boys as they try to figure out what they’ve stumbled on in the woods by their house. What would you do if you found something that had been hidden for thousands of years?

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Book 2: Through the Quarry Window

Ryan, Casey, and Jay venture out again. This time they are joined by Ryan’s sister Marie and their friend Stacy. Together the group explores new places, offering them a chance to see millions of years in the past. Through the window, ancient life is waiting.

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Available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo