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Why I write what I write

I get asked by friends all the time about why I tell stories through the lens of Earth science. In other words, why do I write what I write? It’s a great question. Not everyone associates rocks and dirt with anything…
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A Mix of Fiction and Non-fiction

Part of the process of being a self-published author is deciding how to categorize your book on the various sales platforms (Amazon or Kobo for example). I was looking through the different categories this past weekend and had to re-think…
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Experiments and Experiences

“I like the experiments where we dropped stuff and shot rockets in the air, the rest was math and that sucked.” – Jay from A Day in the Park (p.5) That sounds a lot like me when I was in…
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Blog Post

This is where I will blog, but not right now. Blogging is a tomorrow kinda thing.