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Science based Fiction?

One of the reasons I became an author is to help convey fact based science in a way students can relate to. I think storytelling can be another tool in the toolbox to help students understand how science is a part of the every day world around them. I’m hopeful this information will help educators and students alike. Careful, some of this information may contain SPOILERS!

A Day in the Park

The idea for this book came when I did a search for scientific papers about my area (Chicago, Illinois, USA). The paper describes a chance encounter when a utility company discovers fossils and calls in the Illinois Geological Survey to identify them.

Here’s a link to download that paper (free): Illinois Geological Survey Circular 571

This Illinois State Museum website is another great resource for learning more about the pre-historic animals discussed in A Day in the Park.

There are many examples of real-life people making discoveries just like Ryan Hutton did in this book. Here’s a couple of examples:

Chicago Tribune article of fossil discovery in Michigan soybean field

Fossil graveyard research site in South Dakota


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